Hi everyone! It’s your friend, Scarlet Rainswirls! This post is very important. It involves saving our beloved Pixie Hollow from deletion. Here is the link to something that might help:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/257/590/769/stop-the-closing-of-disney-mmorpgs/ Tell your friends about this and post it on other blogs please. If we get 5,000 signatures, Disney will reconsider closing three fourths of it’s […]

Hi everyone! It’s your friend, Scarlet Rainswirls! I’m making a big announcement today: every week we will now have Featured Fairy Homes! If you want your fairy house to be featured on THIS blog, here are the rules:1. Decorate your fairy home according to the theme. The first week of every month will be our […]

Hi pixie pals! I’m Scarlet Rainswirls, and I’ve created this blog to share information about Pixie Hollow, including cheats, codes, and even some party walkthroughs! Keep it sparkly, Scarlet Rainswirls